Ami 8 Berline

€ 7.000,-
Beige Albatros
130.000 km

In 1974 it started spinning its wheels in the Var department in Provence. A good start for a long, rust-free life. On the copy of the Carte Grise we can read that it has changed hands a number of times, all owners living in the Var. In 2013 the Ami moved to the Netherlands.

It was once repainted and, among other things, a piece of the floor was restored. The chassis and critical areas of an Ami body are in excellent condition. The technique works very well, especially for an almost 50-year-old.

The seats are not original, but they provide you luxury seating . Recently, some maintenance was done and it received a fresh APK, its last. Now it gets a new clutch and will be serviced.

We can also serve you for an even more original Ami. But if you don’t want to participate in a Concours d’Elegance and just want to drive a nice and distinctive classic, then this is a great choice.