Ami 6 Break

€ 9.500,-
Gris Dandy
96.000 km

From 1964 onwards the Ami 6 could also be ordered in a Break version. It became a success, because people started transporting more and more things, in addition to their family and themselves. For the picnic trip at the weekend, the holiday to the south or just to work on a weekday.

The tailgate was large, the rear seat foldable, creating a lot of space. The spare wheel stayed under the bonnet, leaving a space under the loading floor, storage for all kinds of things out of sight.

You could have the interior upholstered in fabric or leatherette and choose seats or a front bench. This Break has a front bench in red Simili- leather, a nice contrast with the Gris Dandy on the outside.

It is equipped with the 25 hp, 602cc engine, drum brakes all around and a 12V electrical installation. This helps the engine to start a little more easily, after which you can enjoy a relaxed ride. These engines drive wonderfully at low revs.

It started its life in the Drôme department, where it traveled around for quite a while. It was still insured there in 2001. Then it moved a little further south, to an Ami collector near Béziers. When he closed down his collection, the Amis were spread all over Europe, and we have already had a few in our hands.

It is exceptionally well preserved, but of course has some signs of wear and use from 96,000 km and 34 years of being on the road and on display. The rear wings were once replaced with new original ones, but they were not perfectly sprayed; so they differ slightly from the rest of the paint.

Of course, it can be painted completely new, but we really like it the way it is. We only prepare it technically, give it new tires and make it ready for use.