Ami 6 Berline

€ 17.500,-
Blanc Carrare
53.000 km

In the spring of ’61, Citroën introduced a new model between the popular 2CV and DS, the Ami 6. With the growing economy and emancipation, Citroën increasingly focused on female customers. The Ami 6 was promoted as a friend of the French ladies, with a specific “Pour Vous Madame” campaign. The brochure could easily have been for Parisian fashion, beautifully photographed and styled.

It worked, this Ami was ordered by a lady from Versailles. She picked up the car herself from Citroën on the Quai de Javel on January 25, 1962 and then used it for the weekly shopping. The rest of the time it was parked in the garage, resulting in only a scant 50,000 km in 30 years. In ’93 she sold it to a collector in department 78, who sold it to a Dutch enthusiast in ’98.

All owners have been very kind to it, the Ami is still very original and unrestored. Of course it has a few minor shortcomings and damage, but these are more than made up for by the very low mileage of 51,000 km, the almost virgin Feuilles de Houx (holly leaf) upholstery and its smooth driving comfort.

Since it is from the first year of production, it could have been built in the Panhard factory. Later a factory was built in Rennes La Janais, specifically for this successful model and its younger sisters, the Ami 6 Break and Ami 8. The previous owner made inquiries with the Conservatoire of Citroën, but unfortunately the production logs do not contain the specific factory.

You rarely come across such an early Ami 6 in such an original condition. We leave the responsibility for the choice of preserving her or restoring her to perfection to the new owner, but our preference would be to leave her as is; a delicately touched lady from Versailles.