€ 11.750,-
Bleu Camargue
122.000 km

It was once used by a lady near Paris to drive to her vegetable garden. Not a very hard life, driving around locally for over thirty years.

A few years ago it came to the Netherlands and drove first in Amsterdam, then in Harlingen. At all addresses it was neatly cared for, and it was always enjoyed. Coincidentally, it was also traded in twice because a 2cv’s sunroof was even more enticing.

Well, it indeed doesn’t have an open roof. But other than that it has a lot to offer. It is constructively and technically fine and drives wonderfully. It is the quickest van, with the most legroom, you are also comfortable in it with your North European length and you can keep up with modern traffic.

Its paint is not perfect, but it does have a nice and fresh color. We have sold many of these in recent years. For the dogs, for camping, for fun small companies and even for driving to the vegetable garden. Curious what you plan to do with it.