€ 22.750,-
Gris Kandahar
67.000 km

In the 1960s, the 2cv had already been modernised from 12 to 18 hp, still a relatively small improvement. The Belgian factory therefore developed a more powerful and luxurious model for the Benelux, the AZAM 6. A 2cv on the chassis and with the technical componentes of the faster Ami 6 with 602cc engine, instead of the usual 425cc.

It was available from 1965, equipped with the same luxury as a French AZAM or the Belgian AZM3. Decorative frames around the windows, brackets on the bumpers, stylised door handles and a more luxurious interior were the most eye-catching parts. From 1967 it got the same black dashboard and steering wheel as the French AZAM Export, shortly afterwards production was discontinued in favor of the newly introduced Dyane 6, the new luxury 2cv.

AZAMs are rare, but this model is even more so. It was delivered to Mr. or Mrs. Odendaal in Best on June 19, 1967, and drove at least until 1977. Proven by the license card that is still with the car – the part that you had to renew annually and stick behind the windscreen. The AZAM was really a proud possession at the time, we often meet people in our garage telling about their 2cv adventures, proudly stating that they had a fast AZAM: beautiful!

The next accompanying document is an invoice from garage Jan van Gompel from Eindhoven, for the delivery of the AZAM to the previous owner. It is 2009 and it has driven 82,880 km. Van Gompel has kept many cars since the 1970s, often traded-in cars that they liked themselves. In recent years, they have gradually sold that stock to make room for their trade in Citroën parts. There is a good chance that this AZAM 6 has been waiting there for 30 years.

After purchase, the car went to Jan Bonthond in Wierden, where it was completely restored. Considerable attention has been paid to preserving original details, resulting in a beautifully fresh AZAM 6. Two enthusiasts enjoyed the car after the restoration, after which approximately 5000 kms were covered.

The suspension is a bit less bouncy than the 18 hp models, but it does have a kind of chic suppleness. The engine doesn’t have a huge load of horsepower, but it does have more torque at the bottom, so you can cruise wonderfully. A really great 2cv that quickly makes you feel the aforementioned pride.