€ 52.500,-
Vert Embrun
75.000 km

We build our 2CVE on our EV chassis. A galvanised frame, containing the batteries. This gives it a nice low center of gravity, the extra weight presses it a little more into the springs providing more comfort.

The electric motor has sufficient power and revs to allow you to drive smoothly and quick with current traffic without having to shift gears. No, you don’t miss the 2CV engine, the silence is soothing. And the comfort with which you drive around on a cobblestone path or highway makes it complete. Lots of fun!

This 2CVE has a 27kWh battery, with which you can travel approximately 190km. You then charge it with its 11kW charger, which fills it up quite rapidly. The charging cable for your home charging point or street charging station is included.

The heater runs on HVO 100, environmentally friendly, low-odor diesel. You operate it from your dashboard. There you will also find the state-of-charge meter, indicating the percentage of charge left. The button in the middle of the dashboard allows you to go forward or backward. A USB connection provides power for your mobile phone or navigation.

Vert Embrun was a popular color in the 60s and is now back on this car. Just like the 2cvE; vintage with a modern interpretation of usability.

We deliver it with a fresh MOT, full battery and appropriate service.