2cv6 Spécial

€ 17.500,-
Blanc Meije
12.000 km

The Champs de Mars factory branch in Paris arranged cars for foreign customers and other special deliveries. This also applies to this 2CV, a 2CV6 Spécial in Blanc Meije, with a more luxurious Club interior. It was registered on October 11, 1990, a few months after the end of production in Portugal. Its delivery was stamped at Champs de Mars, after which it probably disappeared into a storage. Was it bought to have a new 2CV available later?

A maintenance check was noted in January 2006. The counter then reads 581 km. It comes to the Netherlands around 2015, with approximately 6,000 km of experience. It is sold in Amsterdam to serve as city transport. There it is used regularly, but not for long distances. It lives around the corner from Stadionplein, where many of its family drove out of the importer’s showroom.

Until recently it was on the street. We did the maintenance and cleaned it regularly. Due to decreased use, it was decided that it deserved a better life and came to us. With only 12,000 km driven, and no, that really doesn’t have a 1 in front of it.

Due to the weather, the paint has deteriorated and the interior foam has decayed. A good scrubbing, some polishing and touching up the paint results in a nice duckling again. A new interior is the icing on the cake.

The chassis, floors and the rest of the bodywork are still in excellent rust-free condition. The panels have a dent here and there, the paint is thin. All technical parts are perfect, it drives like new.

It is a 2CV with a long life expectancy as it is, or completely new again if you were to repaint it. The choice is yours. The price is based on its current condition, technically in perfect order.