2cv6 Spécial

€ 3.500,-
115.000 km

A 2v in black, a sought-after color. We found most of them in Belgium, but never saw them in Germany and France. Here in the Netherlands they were only delivered sparingly, most of them in ’87. This is an early one, registered on January 17, ’86, but built on November 7, ’85.

In the 1990s the chassis had some corrosion-elated issues and was replaced at the Bertens garage in Tilburg. The Bertens family then drove it themselves until 2001. It was then taken to France to wait for better times, after which it ended up with us through a mutual friend.

We think black 2cvs are cool. 

It has been waiting for restoration for a few years, but so far we haven’t gotten to it. The RDW has already inspected it and we have replaced the missing fender with a new one. Not much stands in the way of a starting shot for its new life. Just a financial transaction and an assignment to us or to yourself to actually do it.