2cv6 Spécial

€ 27.750,-
Blanc Meije
6.800 km

While driving out of the showroom, near Zurich, you think: “out into the wide world! We will go up the mountains, into the avenues, see some of Europe or at least Switzerland.” But 7 years later you have only driven 626 km and you start to worry…

In the next 20 years, just under 5000km of exploration of the Swiss landscape will be added. You are very pampered, apparently they like you very much, but they are too busy to have fun together. Or they want to keep you as beautiful as you have been since your delivery.

Eventually you make your way to Germany and things finally seem to be getting underway. The fitting of a retro radio suggests that something fun is finally going to happen. And indeed, some kilometers are added and you see a different landscape again, but it’s not the abundance of fun you expected.

After a while you move to some wet country. Well great. They seem to really love you and your relatives here. So much so that someone adds you to his 2cv-harem. The only pity is that you only have a limited view from there and you can’t really enjoy the nice winding roads in the area. There’s also some intrigue and competition from some ladies with even less life experience.

You decide to say goodbye and to look for someone who will show you more of this world. Someone who misses a piece of cheerful whiteness in his or her life and wants to have fun with you. Global travelling is appreciated, but not compulsary. Just get to know each other first, have fun. Let’s just see where it goes.