2cv6 Club

€ 17.750,-
Blanc Meije
32.000 km

Mr. Lomans ordered this white 2cv in the luxurious Club model and received it on June 2, 1987. Perhaps he already knew that production in France and therefore imports into the Netherlands would stop. In the autumn, the importer at Stadionplein delivered the last cars, after which some enthusiasts managed to get hold of one, but via parallel import from Belgium or Germany.

This 2cv was delivered by dealer J.J. Molenaar from Amersfoort. A company with quite a history, because they were an importer of Morris before the war and started Molenaar’s Dutch Car Factories just after it. Various Morris models, including the Minor, were delivered there in parts (Completely Knocked Down: CDK) from England and assembled here tax-friendly. In the 1960s, this advantage expired and the company eventually became a Citroën dealer.

The 2cv did not have a flying start, it was not until October that it got its first service, at 1141 km. In 1990, Autobedrijf Du Soleil from Arnhem was allowed to perform maintenance, at 7876 km, after which the next service was added to the booklet in 2001. This was again carried out by Molenaar, at 28.396km.

After that it didn’t drive much, in 2014 it got another MOT with almost 32,000 km on the clock, not far from the current position. In that year it passes through the hands of a few dealers and eventually ends up in a collection, from which we have now kissed it awake again. Most of the paint, interior, bottom and chassis are still original and in very good condition.

New tyres, exhaust, roof, a major service and a few other things were needed to make it shine again. With these kilometers it has just been broken in and is therefore ready to write even more history.