€ 11.950,-
Orange Téneré
76.000 km

All that green, yellow and orange looks fantastic in those old Polaroid photos. You would like a time machine to take you back to see the streets full of what we now consider automotive delicacies. To recapture part of that era, we often transform a younger 2cv into a seventies model!

The conveniences of modern technology combined with distinctive, striking colors and details.

We have a yellow example of it in the showroom, and now also an orange one. We converted it back in 2006, with a nice brown interior and dashboard and orange door panels to match the new orange paint. Since then, 2 owners have enjoyed the car.

It is still very solid and drives wonderfully. It has suffered some signs of wear, but the color is so radiant that you quickly forget the imperfections.

We supply it with a fresh MOT version and fully serviced, ready for years of happy brilliancy on all the roads you want to follow.