€ 3.950,-
Rouge de Rio
118.000 km

Rouge de Rio, already sounds like a festival! We felt the same way when we found this 2cv4, because models from the 1970s are difficult to find. A ripple bonnet is easier to find.

It mainly stayed in Oostvoorne. Six months old, it was bought by a lady who used it for commuting. After her death, the 2cv was kept in the family as a keepsake. Sometimes it stood still for a period, then a family member drove it again for a while.

Until the 2CV4 engine started to smoke and it was stored. We found it in 2018, bought it with the intention of restoring it one day and put it on our rack.

Now a few years later we looked at it again and thought that it’s also very nice as it is. So we offer it in its current state for the stated price. Of course, we can also revive it in whole or in part for you. The body is quite good, the chassis is repairable, the brakes and engine need to be overhauled.

If you also like seventies 2cvs, come and have a look. We’ll chat about its future life.