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In ’65, Citroën dealer Pezous from Albi develops a small racing car based on readily available technology from the brand it represents. The MEP X1 is born, Maurice Emile’s initials form the name.

The first model uses the 25 hp engine and gearbox from the Ami 6. The body was designed by Albert Mazel, with whom Pezous had collaborated years earlier on the MEP Daphné, a graceful coupé based on a Traction.

After the necessary test drives, the 25 hp turns out to be really too much underpowered to make it seriously sporty, after which the 60 hp strong 848 cc 2-cylinder boxer engine from Panhard comes in, at that time a subsidiary of Citroën. The resulting X2 retains the gearbox of the Ami 6 and weighs only 360 kg.

This gives the car more spice, 190 km/h is achievable. Maurice Trintignant demonstrates the car during the 24h race of Le Mans and that convinces Citroën and BP (later Total) to start a racing series for starting drivers, the Formula Bleu. Due to the sponsorship, the cars only cost 8,000FF.

A first series of 30 are built, followed by an order in 1969 for 50 copies, of which this copy is part.

The successor, the X27 with GS technology, will be launched in ’71. Slightly faster, 210 km/h, and with a more modern line.

This X2, No. 67, we recently obtained from Belgium, close to the Zolder circuit. Judging by the stickers, it has recently driven several events. We are still figuring out its exact history. The previously open exhaust is fitted with mufflers, a higher rollbar is present and a few (easily reversible) adjustments have been made to make it track-approved.

We already had 2, about 10 years ago, because we think they are very cool. The cigar shape as the basic design for racing cars, filled with Citroën-related technology and history. Not handy for the road, but useful if you want to get into the world of classic racing, or if you want a very nice piece of automotive history hanging on your wall…

More information can be found via the following links;

Geschiedenis M.E. Pezous

The price is based on the car as is, including a box of parts and special tools. The HY transporter finishes it off, of course. A great period-correct set to travel to all kinds of classic events. It is also for sale, needs some (restoration) work, which we are happy to do for you.