€ 16.950,-
Orange Kirghiz
34.000 km


It first entered the roads of Menorca in ’78.

The local dealer, Bibiloni, delivered it to a holiday resort in San Luis. What kind of adventures this car lived there: we have no idea. The registration tells us it reached a German gentleman in ‘82, who drove it through Menorca and Formentera.

The documents indicate it went through technical inspection each year between ‘93 and ‘11. What happened between ‘78 and ‘93 – whether there were no inspections or it simply wasn’t being driven – is untraceable. Seeing the low mileage this car must have felt lonely at times, hidden somewhere in a garage under a holiday home or apartment block.

A great advantage to this limited usage and exposure, though, is that this car is in an extraordinarily original condition. From Spanish production, this car can be recognized by its technical and external details such as the canvas roof and the windshield with rounded corners. In French production, the windshields received their sharp corners a lot earlier, and the roofs were made of vinyl.

We’re delighted to have found it in such a beautiful and untouched state. The missing part of this car’s biography may lead you to go retrieve it in sightly, sunny places.

We deliver it fully road-ready.