€ 18.500,-
Gris Metalissée
98.000 km

HY Pickup

Theziers is located near the Rhône, between Avignon and Nimes. Pont du Gard is just around the corner. In 1972, the Avon brothers, living in this village, ordered a new HY pickup for their company. The Carte Grise tells us they were agriculteurs, but not what kind and what the HY was used for. Yet I see images of a yellow sunny landscape, with that characteristic beautiful southern French light in front of me. With a little H-van rolling through it, filled with barrels of delicious wine.

It has been treated nicely and has probably always been inside. It is still very solid and has some traces of use, but no traces of heavy wear. The body has no canvas top, but does have a wooden floor and fencing; to keep things or people inboard.

The interior was worn out, so we fitted new covers. There is a good deal of invoices and test certificates, which shows that it has always remained drivable and maintained. They also show the car has had only one owner since new.

With a pickup you can drive all your friends through town, pick up hay bales or throw your dirt bike and tent in the back. But you can also turn it into a trendy foodtruck with a foldable top. A part where you can mix your cocktails, an awning on both sides for your customers, a DJ on the back to enhance the atmosphere. Our advice would be to leave the exterior as it is, in order to retain that southern French image of a relaxed working life.

But it’s up to you, all possibilities are still open and we’re happy to make plans together with you. The price is based on the condition in which it is now, so that you can fill in the further course of its history yourself.