€ 9.950,-
Bleu Azurite
127.000 km

Dyane 6

Many northerners go to Spain to enjoy their pension. Dyane turned it around and left Ibiza for the Netherlands. Perhaps it’s better to conclude that this lady is far from her retirement! Or maybe a very active one.

She was prepared for a happy life here by an enthusiast in this little country. Some new paint, not quite perfect, but beautifying. A perfect chassis and body are preserved with Dinitrol. The technique has been carefully overhauled and therefore drives very fine and smooth.

Passengers have better ventilation, through the sliding windows in the back. The hardtop, as seen on most Spanish Dyanes, has been replaced by a softtop. The interior has also been updated at the time.

After a few years of enjoyment, the owner found a more spacious form of transport, an Acadiane. So Dyane is dating again, partly online, but face-to-face encounters are more appreciated. Open-minded as she is, all age categories and sexes are invited to respond.