€ 19.500,-
Rouge Cornaline
130.000 km


This AZAM6 was found in Liège in the 1990s. Even at that time quite a rare appearance. It was kidnapped and restored to the Netherlands. We don’t know exactly in what condition it was, but at least it got new floorboards and some other parts.

It drove in the east of Holland for some time, then in Friesland for 20 years. Owned by an enthusiast, with even more 2cv candy in his barn.

A few years ago, we fixed a few things again, replaced a wing and also refreshed the paint.

What do we have here now. One of the most delightfully driving 2cv’s. With a nice smooth suspension, a powerful engine that pulls nicely at the bottom of its revs. Great for luxury cruising, with its soft sofas.

The appearance is also upgraded. Shiny frames, shiny caps and shine tubes bring style to this 2cv, which is basically anti-chic.

There are not many left, as they were only delivered in humid countries (BENELUX) and cars from this period tend to rust. They were much appreciated because the 2cv’s around them were downright slow at the time and this one could actually develop and maintain speed. Anyone who had one still knows specifically that he was an AZAM6 owner. Now you’ve read this, you want to belong to that group as well! Don’t you?