€ 10.750,-
Blanc Meije
120.000 km

2cv6 Perrier

In January 1988, Citroën Belgium presented a 2CV action model at the Brussels Salon. It was a collaboration with spring water supplier Perrier.

A standard white 2cv6 Spécial was provided with a number of specific accessories. Some stickers on the bonnet and tailgate, special hubcaps that remind you of a bottle cap, a monkey with a club -a Perrier logo- on the bonnet, a green gear knob, the text “Perrier” on the steering wheel and images of the monkey on the door panels. The biggest attention grabber, however, is the small fridge on the floor between the driver and the passenger, which can hold 6 small bottles of Perrier.

They were only delivered in Belgium and Luxembourg, which is where this car came from in 2001. In 2007 we bought it and sold it to a client. Since then it has also been in maintenance with us. Now it’s ready to go to a new enthusiast.

For pacifist reasons, the monkey’s club has been slightly shortened. The wheel covers once disappeared. Broken or because they weren’t looking so great? We don’t know.

Constructively and technically it is fine. You can see that it has lived, but it is just a nice, fresh car. We gave it a new set of wheels and tyres. Not many of the 1000 copies are left; so if you are looking for a unique 2cv …