Price on request
Beige Ivoire Borely
12.000 km

2cv6 CT

In Spain, in the Vigo-factory they used to build 2cv’s and other Citroën models. They differed from the French production in some details and often used locally produced parts, like lighting, bumpers, windows and dashboard parts. The engines and gearboxes were also locally made, the gearboxes were still of the older type (shifter on the back) that had been taken out of service in France in ’70 already. The colours also were slightly behind, in France this colour was used on the ’73 and ’74 models.

We bought this 2cv in Spain a while ago. We were told it had spent its life near Pontevedra, just above Portugal and next to Vigo. The distance between the factory and its new home was quite short, but not many kilometers were added afterwards either. It was mainly used during holidays, at the holiday of a German family. They didn’t spend too much vacations or … the baker and the beach were quite near. As a result the 2cv only made 12.000km in 40 years.

12.000km, really? We had some doubts as well when it came in. The paint was badly withered, it had several dents, the seat cloth had seen better times. All just too much to leave it as it was, it needed a serious intervention. 

But almost no welding was needed, it hadn’t seen much rain. The cloth was gone, but not from sitting on it, just because of the delicate fabric in combination with a battering sun. The technical parts and a lot of other parts told us that the car didn’t have a lot of experience. Although we have no proof on paper, we are convinced by the story the car told us: I really didn’t do that many kilometers.

We have restored it with great care, trying to keep as much original parts as possible and otherwise keep close to the original. Especially the cloth for the seats was an issue, but in the end our upholsterer found a good option and made something great out of it. A beauty in her 40s.