Price on request
Rouge Vallelunga
32.000 km

2cv6 Club

Now and then we’re still able to find them, 2cv’s with very low mileage, but they’re starting to become more rare.  Happily we have clients taking care of the almost pristine ones we found years ago.

This 2cv was built on 16th February ’89 and was only registered 28th July. Maybe it was in a corner at the importer, although the 2cv’s sold like hot cakes back then. Or the dealer fell in love with it, wanted to keep it near and pampered it with Robri trim on the wings and chromed headlights instead of the rectangular ones with which it was fitted in the factory.

We bought this car in ’02 in Germany, with just 8000 km on the clock. It was sold and taken to a French country home. In ’09 it came back to Holland and was scarcely used and always neatly covered and stored inside.

It’s still as beautiful as it came in in ’02. In Germany 2cv’s were delivered with some details we don’t have in the rest of Europe. A reverse light, adjustable driver seat, often headrests, brackets and caps over the “sharp” parts to protect us and pedestrians…

The chassis is still original and in perfect condition, the floors are like new and it has never had any welding done to it. It’s almost like it once left the German dealer. Just a set of bumpers, a roof and some wear parts have been replaced. Quite a unique 2cv! Are you going to take care of it as carefully?