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Monte Carlo
59.000 km


In the sixties, company ENAC supplied various car accessories, including one set that flattened a 2CV floor, made the rear seats foldable, opened the tailgate together with the rear window, and hid the spare wheel under the bonnet. This turned the 2CV into a company car of sorts, while still being able to transport family. In Belgium, a similar concept was implemented on the truckette: the AZUL and AKL Weekend.

This model was also recognized as a company car, which probably came with a tax benefit. For this reason, its right flank had to show the car’s weight capacity. You could order this version from the dealer, and it could be applied to various 2CV types, from the AZAM to the more simplistic AZ.

This is an AZ, recognisable from its smaller amount of frills and simple interior, including the iconic hammock seats. It started its life in northern France, in département 59. The climate there is similar to Belgium and the Netherlands: occasional rainfall – not the best conditions to keep a 2CV in good shape for long. That’s why this 2CV was provided with rust-resistant coating on its floor, chassis, and other parts that come into contact with moisture. Why they also coated the firewall we’re not really sure…

Until ’94, it drove (or actually, did not drive much) through France. Seeing its neat and original state, it must have spent a lot of time indoors. It still has its original first layer of paint, in a fresh shade of blue that we have not yet welcomed here before. On the inside, 2CVs were only spraypainted lightly, in fact just some overspray coming from the exterior. The previous owner improved preservation here by applying an extra layer of lightblue paint.

After ’94, this car came to the Netherlands and spent some more time mainly standing still, first with an enthusiast who put it in his company’s wood storage, then in a Citroën showroom. Now, it proudly presents itself here. We deliver it ready for use.