€ 22.000,-
147.000 km

HY foodtruck

Sandwiches with peanut butter, coffee, pancakes, scented candles from the bankruptcy of Sissy Boy, fries with mayonnaise from Dijon, beautiful homemade things from your macramé period, hippie hats from the north of Ibiza, yogurt ice cream with pieces of raspberry, very chic coffee.

All things you can sell from a HY. The HY will help you, because it has that kindness a Mercedes Sprinter will never have. Along the road, at the station, at a festival; grab your chance.

This HY brought wine to the people and is therefore equipped with a refrigerator and two dispensing hatches. You can step into the concept or give it your own twist.

Would it be commercially feasible to sell great stories …

We deliver it ready for use, with new APK.