€ 9.500,-
48.000 km

H Démenagements

In ’48 the first H came on the road, later it developed into HY. The bus could be converted in many different ways and adapted to your business needs.

This H is a pretty early one, from the first months of 1950. It’s lengthened and raised, specifically matching the purpose painted on the back; relocations.

M. Sagot near Dijon specialized in this and also rented trucks. We previously had two very long buses, which were originally also from his collection.

The bus was once converted to a Diesel engine, which was probably more economical. It has been standing still for a very long time, so it will need a lot of TLC.

Because of its low serial number and the great advertising you would like it to end up somewhere where it will be cherished. We are curious who will sign up for that.