€ 8750
Beige Erable
32.000 km


We once bought it near Chatellerault, where it was originally delivered. It only had 19.000km from new: soon enough, we found an enthusiastic new owner. Recently, 10 years later, we got the opportunity to sell it for this owner. Sometimes, you just fall in love with another car….

Today, this car has 32.000km from new and is still in perfect condition. Neatly maintained, a perfectly smooth drive – which is rare for an Acadiane: these cars were mainly used for business, without too much love and attention. As some reinforcement we added a new set of Michelins to it.
Some like a 2CV truckette better, but do realise that this Acadiane offers you more (leg)space, a more streamlined ride on highways, plus a cheaper buy than a (restored) AK in the same condition. It’s nice to have a good car like this in our garage!