€ 9.950
Vert Tuileries
111.000 km


A 2cv from the seventies, we don’t find them very often.

And certainly this color is rare. Vert Tuileries, like the gardens near the Louvre, green like an ivy leaf. Is that a seventies plant…?
This 2cv has been restored quite a while ago, with a new chassis, floors, interior and paint. It’s still in a very good condition. Drum brakes all around and frotteurs and batteurs for suspension, a classic amongst modern 2cv’s. And of course with the modernization on this type: rectangular head-lights. Because of the round-head-light-lovers a scarce item, but to our opinion it fits very well with its look.
Despite earlier messages, classics are still allowed in Paris in the weekends. So park it at the Rue de Rivoli, have yourself a picnic at les Jardins des Tuileries, look through your eyelashes and imagine some Polaroid-colors. The seventies are nearer than you think.