€ 13.500,-
Bleu des Tropiques
86.000 km

2cv6 Club

Until 2013 this 2cv was driving around Angers. Then we kidnapped it for its great colour and mileage.

It had only driven 44,000 km, so still a whole life ahead of it. The colour also appealed to us, nice and cheerful. Although Bleu des Tropiques was sold a lot at the time, not many of them remain.

The French owner had dented it somewhat, the chassis also had a rust spot. So we made it completely new, with a new chassis, floors, paint, etc. Even the interior was renewed. The car became so beautiful it did not even make it to the website, it was immediately sold to a loyal client.

After 42,000 km and 7 years of enjoyment, this client wanted something different and exchanged the tropical 2cv again. So a second chance for you, because now it is on the website.

We gave it a good cleaning, a new roof and some attention to other details to prepare it for its next stage. Don’t feel bleu, buy it…