€ 8.250,-
Jaune Hélios/ Noir
245.000 km

2cv6 Charleston

The yellow / black Charleston was not really a crowd favorite at the time, so only 27 were sold in the Netherlands. But the appreciation eventually came, cheerful colors look good on a 2cv.

So when we had a customer for a yellow / black about 15 years ago we unfortunately couldn’t find an original. He really wanted one, we built a replica.

It has done its best all this time and has driven well. Now a few spots are emerging that need some attention. Technically and constructively it is in good condition, the chassis is fine.

So; paint those wheels yellow again, give some spots a bit of attention, put a few new bumpers on it, and you have a very funny 2cv again!

We have just fitted a new clutch; so it’s ready to go.