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Peugeot J7

€ 8.250,-

The Centre de Premiere Intervention of the Mairie de Sologny sounds very important. Especially for a town of about 500 inhabitants. Anyway, help needs to be provided there too, so that’s probably what this bus was bought for.

It also had to go into the (snowy) mountains, apparently, because it still has spikes (tyres with nails) mounted in front.

According to the Carte Grise, it became the property of the municipality in 1999, but whether it was bought second-hand – it was almost 25 years old – or whether it was an internal transfer is not known. In 2012 it was said farewell.

These types of vehicles were not used very much, fortunately, so they often last a long time and usually have a low mileage at the end of their career. 44,000 km is therefore quite plausible.

The construction is still fine, here and there there’s some work on the panels. The engine runs, the gearbox shifts and it brakes a little. Technically there is work to be done, but it is all old school technique, so that is doable.

You can go in all directions with the interior; camper, food truck, cool company car. Whatever you want. We deliver it as it is, with French registration. We can also prepare it entirely according to your wishes.

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