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Peugeot 404 cabriolet

€ 27.500,-

Pininfarina had already done its best on the 404 Berline, but in ’61 things became even more stylish with the 404 convertible. A beautifully slim body with a slightly more subtle front and rear than the 4-door. You can see yourself with sunglasses and/or scarf around your hair, driving through a southern landscape, like in a classic film.

In glossy white, with black leather interior and convertible roof. Shifting gears with the lever on the steering column. Quite comfy and quick, despite its relatively small 1600cc engine. Mr Salzi drove it along the Mediterranean Sea, from his hometown of Vias, near Béziers. A very beautiful area for such rides. He bought it in ’87 and sold it again in ’99 to a Dutchman.

He took it with him, but never registered it in the Netherlands. It is not known or documented who exactly did what on it later, but obviously a lot has been done. The floors are solid (again?), the exterior and paint are fresh and shiny.

The car has been assembled with its own parts, some of which still need attention. The leather of the seats has some loose stitches, the hood is missing a few rubbers and the fabric is very dry. A few finishing details are also missing, such as the decorative plates on the entry sills and some other small items.

It once had the difficult petrol injection and Hydrovac power brakes, these have been replaced by a carburetor and normal master brake cylinder, perhaps to make it more reliable.

The most difficult hurdles in a restoration project, the welding and body work, and new paint, have already been done. It drives and brakes. Now the honor is yours to further complete and technically perfect it to your taste. The nicest part of a restoration!

The price is based on the car as it is now, without warranty, incl. Dutch registration or export document.

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