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Fiat 1100 T2


Roadside assistance technicians here in Hollans used to be able to furnish their own car, so that they could easily find the tools they needed. This often resulted in ingenious constructions and an enormous amount of stuff and materials in a small volume. Fiat France took it even more seriously with this Fiat 1100 T2 and had it turned into a mobile workshop, but so beautifully decorated that it must have been done by a furniture maker.

The bus was fitted with a second sliding door for this purpose. Behind these doors you will find drawers and fold-out tool boards, and even a stand to put the open workshop manual on. In the back there are cupboards and folding workbenches. An alignment set hangs on the wall. A large part of the original (special) tools are still present. We understood that they mainly target Fiat 500, 600, 1100, 1800 and 2300.

The keychain on the ignition key reads Dynamic Auto, La Chapelle St Luc, a suburb of Troyes. Perhaps this garage serviced all Fiats in the area around Troyes at the door. Or they bought this car second-hand, after it had been used in a city to be able to quickly remedy faults on these types on the spot. The dealer network, you can still find it in a booklet in the car, was slightly less extensive than that of the French brands, but still quite large. Well, it remains a guess about its history, nice!

In the accompanying papers we can read that it was registered in 2000 in department 62 with someone near Boulogne sur Mer. In 2016 it moved to a garage just north of Paris, their stickers can still be found on the car. They had it inspected, the odometer reading differs only a few hundred kilometers from that of 2002. They advertised the Fiat in 2017, after which it was purchased by a Dutch collector.

The Fiat 1100 T was built from 1957. In 1959 it became the T2. From 1963 to the end of 1971, it was supplied with the petrol engine that also purrs in this car. A 1295cc, 4-cylinder in-line, sending its 48hp to the rear wheels. They were also supplied with a diesel engine. We did not know this model, it made us think of the Ford Taunus Transit from the same period. We do know its successor, the Fiat 238, which drove around a lot here in the Netherlands.

Had it been an HY with special Citroën tools, we would most likely have recognized all its purposes and the bus would be a part of our collection. A Fiat enthusiast must feel the same when he / she sees this. An incredibly fun piece of automotive history.

We deliver it as it is, including French documents.

Dit exemplaar is verkocht, maar we hebben meer moois in onze showroom

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