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Peugeot 403


Stonewashed jeans have been accepted for a while. But what do you think of the sunbleached version of the Peugeot 403? Fully restored can be beautiful, but wonderfully weathered, that also makes us happy.

When we are at a trade fair with a car with patina, the reactions are always nicely divided. “Great that you leave it like this”, “Like it just came out of the barn”, “They are only original once”. Opposite: “That thing still needs to be sprayed…?”

We can imagine that you leave this 403 completely as it is, constructively you don’t have to do much about it. The interior could use some attention. And what will you do under the bonnet?

Completely overhaul the original technique? Just give it a good service, with new tires and brakes? Or secretly throw something else in it? It’s up to you.

The 403 was the successor to the 203 and the predecessor to the 404. It was built from 1955 to 1966, in the last years as a cheap alternative to the 404. They were available as a saloon, break, familiale and pickup and with a petrol or diesel engine. This one has a 1.5 liter petrol engine. It also has a sliding roof, so you can more easily wave to all the people who admire your car.

We deliver it as it is, including Peugeot document.

Dit exemplaar is verkocht, maar we hebben meer moois in onze showroom

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