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Citroën C6 2.7 HDI Ganache


04/’06, 110.000km, 1st owner

Purchased in Belgium from the first owner. Some damage to bumpers, nice interior, came to NL driving. Bought it for myself as a project because of its low mileage and the fantastic color combination!! Not very meticulously maintained, so it needs work. The engine runs fine, the gearbox needs to be flushed and there will probably be some more work to be done.

Price based on the condition it is in, with B license plate, without MOT, without warranty. Why? Because we are not a C6 specialist and you will probably have fun preparing it yourself… If you are looking for a more ready-made car; We also have our own C6 in the same version, with even more options and more km for sale. Check out our site.

Dit exemplaar is verkocht, maar we hebben meer moois in onze showroom

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