€ 23.000,-
Beige Hoggar
99.000 km


As a Mehari you can be born and raised in Belgium. You grow up, start becoming quite a guy and get more and more curious about what the rest of the world has to offer. Being an adventurer you get drawn south. On tour to France, Spain -and in the end- Ibiza. You have a fun life there.

Downside of an adventurous life is you wear out, rust because of the salt and age from the sun. Can you live with that or will you go looking for new circles to stay in…? On your way to revival, you end up in the fresh air of northern Holland. Renewed energy, a boost for your physique. Your appearance freshens up as well. You’re ready for the next part of your life. 

A new APK, full service and filled up tank add to your integration in a new habitat. Will you stay here or travel on to the south again? Find out with some new friends.

The chassis and tubular frame are new and galvanised. Also new are all the plastic bodywork, interior, hood and lots more. The technique has been overhauled or replaced where necessary. A reborn Mehari. (VAT deductible).