€ 13.750,-
Orange Kirghiz
96.000 km


In 2015, this Mehari came in from Spain. The Spanish models differ from the French in details. For example, they‘ve kept the old type of windscreen frame with the round window, where they used a rectangular window in France. The hood is also different, it had an angle in the rear, the French one was straight.

The chassis is fine and unwelded, just like the tubular frame. The technique is the most modern variant, with disc brakes and electronic ignition, and in excellent condition. We have added a new set of wheels and tires.

It is a 4-seater, so the whole family can join. The plastic body has suffered some damage, but because of that you dare to use it without fear of damaging it. Just put your surfboard in it, all your garden waste in the trunk, kids with mud boots and the dog that just came running out of the sea; hop in it.

Ready for this summer. Nice here in the Netherlands or on your way to the south. We deliver it with a new APK, fully serviced and the tank filled.