€ 5.950,-
Algemeen Wit
109.000 km


What is that, a Katar? It’s a plastic car built on the chassis of a 2cv, with a 4×4 drive. The technology was made by Voisin and the Siftt built a body on it that could be used as a delivery van or pickup. 

After a project for a customer, where the 4×4 chassis was screwed under a 2cv, the bodywork was left. It would have been a shame not to do anything with it. Coincidentally we also had a very bad Dyane, but with perfect chassis and also equipped with a Visa 652cc engine. You guessed it, we had a wedding in our workshop.

We are not going to have a discussion about beautiful and graceful lines, we just think it’s funny and practical. It drives nice, is easy to maintain, has nice load space and a very big advantage: it cannot rust! The body is made of sturdy fibreglass and the chassis is made of thick galvanized steel, so it is rain and salt-proof.

What’s your plan for it?

Verzin er maar mooie plannen voor!