€ 9.000,-
Gris Metalissée
85.000 km


Lots of volume, little weight. That’s what this HY is suitable for. It was bought in 1972 by the Societé Gestion d’hôtels et restaurants on Avenue Malakoff in Paris. Presumably to transport laundry or to provide hotels and restaurants with other materials. They must have been quite nice places, the company was not located in the poorest area of ​​Paris.

In 1980 it had rendered its services and was sold to Mr Sagot. He was based in a suburb of Dijon and rented trucks. Apparently he had developed a love for strange vehicles, because he kept the HY until a few years ago and had another HY that we now also have for sale.

Suitable for the taller camper, sellers of baguettes or oriental carpets or for your rowing club whose boats should not get wet. You can do anything with it! The car has been standing still for a long time and will therefore require a lot of attention on the technical parts. The outside looks charmingly “industrial”, the chassis is good. If you want to have new panels all around, they are available.

Price based on the car as is, on French registration.