€ 12.000,-
92.000 km

HY Pickup

The career of this HY Plateau started in ’76. In department 13, so it must have driven through the vines or possibly transported their fruits. Due to the choice for the smaller, more fiscally attractive engine, it will only have been used locally, the relatively low mileage also testifies to this.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about its history until it moved to Fréjus around 2007. There it ended up with a restaurant owner who has it repainted, finished the cargo area and installed a new hood.

Perhaps he had promotional plans with it or wanted to sell his products from it. The fact is that he said goodbye again in 2012 and sold it to a collector in the Netherlands, where it was kept stored until recently.

Now we have it here and offer it as it is. It (obviously) requires some attention to get it back on the road properly, but the exterior already looks nice and fresh for the plans that are now undoubtedly bubbling in your head. Come see it!