Price on request
75.000 km

HY Heuliez

The construction of this HY is ready, the technology almost. The plan is to fill the open parts on the sides with wooden panels. But maybe you have different ideas, to make it really fit your business plans. So we paused our work on it, until we have discussed it with you.

But first we’ll tell you more about its history. This cattle transporter was used in the Vaucluse, a beautiful region near Avignon . It has some mountains, but also a lot of plains. It was once ordered with the smaller 1600cc engine, less suitable for climbing the Mont Ventoux with full load. But you will easily conquer the Dutch hills with it. 

These special bodies were built by Heuliez, but you could simply order them from the catalog at the dealer. They were available in a high model for horses, double decks for sheep and in this version for cows. The last few years, after a small renovation, it was used for ponies.

By now you might have come up with good plans. Color of the paint, the finish, the interior, the level of maintenance. You can still decide on these items. Or shall we make it electric for you …?