Price on request
Gris Metalissée
137.000 km

HY Heuliez

More than 10 years ago I met my horse and thought it would be nice to transport it in style. I was driving around all day with a trailer (with 2cv’s on it), so I preferred something completely different. I always liked HY’s, but had no actual use for them. Until that search on the internet.

I came across this horse van, built by Heuliez, then used by a horse lover in Tournon sur Rhone. He went traveling more and longer with his Arabian horses and had bought a more modern car. This HY drove well and was technically very well maintained. Logical, because it had previously been owned by M. Gelibert, the local Citroën dealer. I went out with a friend to see it and fell in love; which as a trader you seem not to be allowed to, whatever…, I often do. There was an original brochure in the dashboard with various body shapes. This type of HY was also in it, with metal cladding, but also with wooden paneling; that’s how it was going to be!

As soon as it was in the Netherlands I completely dismantled it and of course there was more rust in it than expected, horse urine and steel are not fond of each other. Don’t worry, strip it and repair, the chassis fortunately was perfect. I wanted to bring the outside back to its original color, but in a version that wouldn’t fade after two years like the original paint. The intention was to use the HY summer and winter. A solid and attractive type of wood was chosen, which was then put in the oil. The technical parts were also thoroughly addressed, all brakes were renewed, the radiator, ignition, all rubbers too. Alternator, starter motor and steering gear were overhauled. It had to be really reliable, because with a horse in the back you don’t want it to break down along the road.

We have enjoyed it immensely, as it’s very nice to be on the road with your horse and being able to keep in touch; for this I have mounted a folding window, so a carrot can be passed to the rear. Usually we drove with one horse, but often with two as well. Mostly in the neighbourhood, on the way to a ride in the woods or on the beach. But also several times to Drenthe, for pony camp, or other equestrian centers for competitions. You always find a parking space with it, as it takes up as much space as a normal car. Compare that with a trailer. You can also drive it with your regular B driving license.

Owner profile; (relative of) rider and/or horse lover with appreciation for pluses and minuses of an oldtimer and a not too big ego; this car often attracts more attention than the horse and you …

A few months ago our horse retired, it will now just enjoy the grass. But a horse van is no longer needed … So we are looking for a new owner who will have new adventures together with his/her horse. Keep in mind that it is hard work, driving an HY. With your full weight on the brakes, arm muscles necessary for steering and 80km/h is pretty much the max. But at least you feel you’re alive!