€ 12.500,-
Rouge de Castille
71.000 km


We rarely find them the last few years, and that’s a pity!

As they are really great. Beautiful lines, thoughtful details, just a little more a car than the 2cv. Perhaps that was also its weak point, and the reason his older brother outlived it.

This Dyane comes from the Loire department, just next to Lyon. It was driven there by a lady who used it for family visits, but only when it was dry. It is still very solid. She apparently never took luggage, because the trunk is still as new.

Once she must have had a scratch or a dent and had the car repainted, which was not done perfectly, but at least on a rust-free basis.

The Dyane was found by an enthusiast around 2000 and added to his large Citroën collection near Montpellier. Most of this collection was sold last year, which allowed us to get hold this Dyane.

We have tackled its technical parts , which had become somewhat lazy, and prepared it for a working life. A new set of tires is also included, to make them fit the original unused spare wheel again.

In the Netherlands there are currently around 10,000 2cv’s and just over 500 Dyane’s. So when you purchase it, you are immediately member of an exclusive club. Go for it!