€ 9.250,-
Bleu Crystal
71.000 km

Dyane D6

The Dyane was launched in ’67 as the successor to the 2cv. It didn’t manage to really replace it, so it became a nice co-existence. The Dyane often got updates just a little earlier than the 2cv.

The first Dyane’s were equipped with a 425cc engine. At the beginning of ’68 a larger 602cc engine was added. This engine was also used in the Ami 6 and AK 350. And the Belgian factory used it in the AZAM 6. About a year later, the Dyane got the engine much like that of the new Ami 8 and 2cv6.

This type of engine was only delivered for a short time and even shorter was the period that it was under the name Dyane D6. In our opinion it is the most relaxed driving Dyane ever delivered. It pulls nicely in low revs and sounds great. Together with the wonderfully supple suspension, this results in a very comfortable car.

The first types did not even have a third side window, which, together with their metal grille, classy bumpers and other details, really look more classic than the later models.

This copy came from France in almost this condition. It came to us via Belgium. Then a few years with an enthusiast, a few years with ourselves in the collection and then again with an enthusiast in the area. Now this smooth-riding beauty is available again.

Mostly first paint, some signs of life experience, a few years ago fitted with new pistons and cylinders, tires and brakes. Ready for many rides full of pleasure.