€ 19.500,-
Beige Vanneau
15.000 km

Dyane 6

Mme Gerbault lived in Paris, a little north of the Sacré-Cœur. But for slow life, she also had a house in Reugny, near Tours. On May 31 ‘75, the house was completed with a small car, a brand new Dyane 6. The sum of FF 13,601 was paid to Banville in Tours, a branch office of the famous dealer in the 17th arrondissement in Paris. Perhaps it was even ordered there.

The Dyane was used very little, it took almost 2 years for the first service to be given at 1021 km. In ’90 the counter was at just 8200 km, in ’95 at 9500 km. Apparently the bakery, other shops and local friends were very close. In ’08 Mme Gerbault decided that the Dyane was no longer needed, it was returned to the dealer. The counter showed 11,300 km.

The dealer cherished the car, but eventually handed it over to a collector in Strasbourg, later to another in Luxembourg. We found it there. Almost entirely in original paint, beautiful upholstery, very original. Only a few wear parts such as exhaust, battery and tires being replaced.

The first registration was kept, as well as the delivery invoice and all vehicle documents. Mme Gerbault quickly understood how the car worked, because the instruction book is unused. A car this honest is a pleasure to find, to buy, to get in, to view carefully and to drive. If also the documentation colors the further history of the car, we are over the moon.

It still has the older, more comfortable suspension type, with frotteurs. A beautiful brown with beige interior that feels really seventies. The one-spoke steering wheel of this type is usually gone, sun-damaged, but now virgin. When you drive away, you only have to look through your eyelashes to feel like being there: waving at the salesman in a brown tailored suit in ’75 while you leave the showroom.