Price on request
68.000 km

Dyane 6

In the mid 60s, Citroën was thinking of a potential successor for the 2CV.

Yet, what could follow up on such an icon? They presented their answer in ’67: the Dyane. Identical chassis, slightly altered technique, sharper body design, and concave doors for more solidity. A lot more modern, with built-in headlights, a fifth door, sliding windows, tighter finish, less air flowing through. A bit more like a real car – a simultaneous disadvantage. Not many were looking for a real car…

Its sales figures did not come close to the 2CV’s, and its target audience was slightly more ‘decent’. For this reason, many Dyane’s ended up with owners that took great care of their new car, like this Dyane from Spain. It’s had one owner before this, and has been cherished since 1970. Its interior was in new condition, there were a few dents in its panels. Its chassis and body only suffered from minor surface rust and its technique was, at most, a bit worn.

It was bought by a Belgian acquaintance in the Barcelona area. Because he loved Dyane’s, particularly this one, but also because he had 100 liters of Spanish olive oil to transport. Trekking through Spain and France, while camping, making friends and sharing his olive oil, seemed like a great adventure to him. Before his departure, we agreed that I would take the olive green beauty off his hands for a fair price, a ration of olive oil, and a crate of Belgian beer. To celebrate life.

Because “she” deserved it and because I have weak spot for Dyane’s, we decided to thoroughly restore it while maintaining its charm. The body was taken of the chassis in order to properly do conservation, welding was not needed. The brakes and engine were revised, new tires were mounted. The bodywork was carefully straightened and repainted in its original color, which turned out to be related not to olives but to sand: Gris Sable is a DS-color that was only used on the Dyane for one year, only in its Spanish production. These models were slightly behind on the French ones, as they do not have a third side window yet and still have the older engine. Details can be found in its interior as well, such as the door panels and glove compartment.

So beautiful. And the tight bodywork truly is the cherry on top. The price reflects the effort and love we put into this car. If only we could keep it ourselves…