€ 4.250,-
52.000 km

Dyane 6

Introduced as a successor to the 2CV in ’67, survived by the 2CV in ’83. In short, that is the history of the Dyane. But we think there is much more to it.

Beautifully stylized, more solid, and still so simple. More visibility, a larger tailgate and technically often just a bit more advanced than the 2CV. The first years, Dyanes did not have a third side window, which looks charming on them. The first models still had a small engine, but in ’68 it borrowed its engine from the Ami 6, resulting in a faster and smoother car, just like this one.

These models also have the older type suspension, which is fantastically comfortable. This blue lady was found in the Lot, owned by a Dutch Citroën admirer. He used it frequently for local drives. Although its exterior is quite lived through and its technique could use some attention, we still liked the car. Apart from two clear spots in the bottom, the chassis and bodywork are very solid and rust-free, including the difficult-to-restore spots like rear inner fenders, windscreen frame, C-pillars, etc.

Just a nice car to start getting ready and enjoy. We can do it for you, you can do it yourself, to whatever extent you prefer. We did go ahead and register it, and we put it on new wheels and Michelins, just to get the fun started.