€ 11.250,-
Blanc Everest
40.000 km


In 1967 it finally came on the market, the long-awaited successor to the 2cv. Her name was Dyane, it was technically similar to the 2cv, but had more austere lines.

The larger tailgate offered some competition to the Renault 4, the higher windscreen gave more visibility to the increasingly taller person.

The first models were equipped with a 425cc engine, which delivered 21hp. Just a little more than the 2cv which got 18hp out of it. Still, the public cried for some extra power, so a 602cc engine was soon available, the 425cc was replaced by 435cc and other technical parts also developed quickly.

This copy is one of the first production months, they started in September. This rolled off the production line on October 30th and was registered the very next day; apparently someone couldn’t wait to enjoy it.

In the 50s and 60s there were tuning sets for the 2cv engines available, for example a set of pistons and cylinders of 533cc. These are now available again, so we mounted them on this Dyane. It made it seriously quicker, giving it a smoother ride with modern traffic.

So, if your wish list mentions; first type Dyane, largely original paint, original interior, constructively and technically completely in order. But you keep thinking; too bad they are so slow. Here is the solution.

We deliver her with NL registration, new tires and brakes, technically services and with a new roof in a color of your choice.