€ 14.500,-
Vert Cactée
101.000 km

Montcléra, in the Lot department, is probably still as sparsely populated as it was in 1963. Still, Mrs. Astorc ran a grocery store where motorised transport was welcome, probably to deliver groceries or collect local products from the area.

In 1963 she bought an HY and this AZU. The latter was used until 1995 and both were later kept in the barn. A friend of the garage moved from the Netherlands to the beautiful village and got in touch with his fellow residents, who soon realised that he had a passion for Citroëns.

Long story short; the HY became a wood storage in the garden and the AZU got a new mobile life. The technique was addressed to make it good driving again. A friend fell in love with the car and decided to take it to the Netherlands.

Here it was improved further. Some critical places on the body and the panels were replaced or repaired, after which the paint in question was adapted to the old appearance. With a very sympathetic little car as a result. Due to its lack of speed and abundance of owner length, the driving was not much enjoyed, but the sight of it was. Nevertheless, it can now go on to the next enthusiast.

We recently put some dots on the i of the technology, so it is ready for you. Feel free to come and see if you fit in better and if you enjoy slow life with 18 hp of power. If you want it to go somewhat faster, we can also fit it with a 533cc period tuning set.