€ 9.950,-
Beige Gazelle
25.000 km

Ami 8 Break

There are not so many Ami’s left , so what’s the chance of finding one driving like a new one. We found this Ami with only 25.000km on the clock, only just broken in.

You can really feel it, everything works so smooth and tight. The interior is as new as well, like the chassis, floors, inner wings, etc. Even the parcel shelfs are with it, and they’re still straight. They probably have hardly covered any luggage, as the boot is still pristine.

There are some marks on the exterior, but we’re leaving them as they are; it’s a car to be cherished, as the previous French owner must have done. He lived in departement Eure-et-Loire, southwest of Paris, around Chartres. Unfortunately we don’t have the history with it, as we didn’t buy it directly in France. But the car tells us over the years it has been driven regularly, but obviously not on longer distances. It was properly serviced, we didn’t have much work on it. We did fit new Michelin tyres and treated it with a full service.

In the maintenance book that comes with it, you can see that it was once newly delivered to M. Vernadet in Rennes, where the Ami factory was also located. The car was delivered by the Vendeur Usine, the factory salesman. Perhaps, Guy Vernadet worked in the factory himself and helped build his own car. How much of a discount would he have received…


It is not as iconic as a 2cv, it’s not a convertible and it’s more like a normal car, but also a time machine taking you into the seventies while driving. You just have to convince the other motorists to change their car for an equally nice one.


It has already been registered in Holland and is ready for the road.