€ 7.950,-
Vert Jura
163.000 km

Ami 6 Break

Made in Belgium, enjoyed in the Netherlands. This often applies to beer, but in the past also to Citroëns. Like this Ami.

Made in Forest and came to the Netherlands in ’67. Chosen by someone who appreciated the smooth suspension, but was looking for more space and power than the 2cv could offer.

Due to the ability to rust, few remained. Nevertheless, some cars are still alive and often well cared for by enthusiasts. There even was a club, one of the members of which kept this Ami in the 1980s. He was followed by a number of other enthusiasts, often members of the Ami Club, who all did their bit to keep the car on our roads.

In 2016, an owner decided to pass it on and at the same time a customer of ours decided to want one. We looked at the car together and saw it was good. Some improvements and preservations were done, but above all he enjoyed it while driving it a lot.

That is exactly the advice the current one would like to give to a new owner. Take it on a trip, it has already been to Croatia and East Germany. Help it to survive, enjoy it and if necessary, pass it on to someone else if something else comes your way. It’s too enjoyable to languish in a corner!