€ 19.950,-
Blanc Paros
106.000 km

Ami 6 Berline

Sometimes one has to look in other than usual places to find cars. Like this Ami 6, which we found in Serbia a few years ago. We bought it in Novi Sad from the second owner.

It was in generally good shape. Some dents and worn paint all around. A solid project to make beautiful again.

A customer of ours wanted an Ami 6 for a while, this was exactly what he was looking for. A few minor things to the body were repaired, the panels were straightened and it was repainted. The interior was redesigned, in materials chosen by the customer and matching the atmosphere of the car.

The technical parts were in good running condition, but nevertheless got a lot of attention. Including new brakes, tyres and bearings. This Ami 6 is of the last year of production, just before the introduction of the Ami 8. It therefore already has the engine that was developed for its successor, with 35 hp and a completely different design, a lot quicker, stronger and more reliable than the predecessor with 25 hp .

It also has more modern taillights, which were later used on the 2cv4/6, an adjustable backrest on the front seats and fixed window pillars on the doors.

Sometimes one has so many toys that one doesn’t get to play with everything. That is why the Ami, after being enjoyed for a few years, can go to a new owner. Someone who is looking for smooth driving and distinctive classic transport.