€ 15.750,-
102.000 km

Ami 6 Berline

In ’61 the Ami 6 was introduced, a more luxurious model between the 2cv and the DS. Fitted with a chassis with the same simple yet brilliant design as the 2cv, now with a larger 602cc engine.

Motorists became more and more demanding, 10 years before basic transport was the need, now there was a demand for more luxury and space. More attention was also paid to the design, the DS was a good example of this.

A distinctive line, the Ligne Z, was chosen for the Ami 6, combining sufficient headroom for the passengers with accessibility to the tailgate. Later, the hatchback became an even more convenient solution for this.

Also new was that the advertising was largely aimed at a female audience. More and more ladies started driving, the folder also stated “Pour vous Madame” and showed a stylish image with self-confident women.

This Ami 6 is one of the first built. The introduction took place in April ’61, it rolled off the line as the 360th and hit the road on April 20th.

It was imported to the Netherlands in 2000 and drove around here for a few years. Then it came into the hands of an Ami enthusiast, who completely restored it and repainted it in this intriguing color.

There is a lot to tell about the car and its details, please ask for it in our showroom. And take your chance, make this stylish classic yours.